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10. Tip: 240GD: New Springs or cleaning the old ones

All work on the G requires special knowledge, competency, special tools and the strength to not overestimate your own abilities, or better go to the service dealer for repair or maintenance. All information here at the best knowledge, but without guarantee! Data is for 240GD My 10/1979, BM 46031017000518

springs Stütze derusted spring adapter for the frame spring plate right spring plate left
1. Uninstall the springs on the rear axle

Please use additional Supporting posts, not rely on one post.

For the spring replacement it is useful to lift the car such high, that you can put out the springs easily. Use support posts and adapters. This is how the handbook tells you, but it isn't the full story.

In addition you have to do the following :

- The Nuts of the drag link (trailing link) (24 Nut) will be relaxed.
- Uninstall the link to the rear brake power adjustment and remove the brake pipe distributer on the rear differential .
- Remove the conection of the Stabilizer on one side (Panhard). Unfortunately 1979 at the trim line somebody had placed the screw in the wrong direction, so that had to uninstall the tank. Please insert it in a way, that you can easily take it out again..
- Remove the Wheels in order to get the differential closer to the ground.

- Finally unscrew the shock absorbers on the upper or lower end.

In the spring plates I have formerly milled a hole for better cleaning under the plate. spring plate right spring plate left
2. New Springs:

My SWB 240 GD came with 2 bars , green . In the 23 years i have driven this car, the first winding had broken two times . After the auxillary rubber spring has been connected to the spring plate, i have used the thicker 1 bar wite . Now there is a clearance of 2 inch between the rubber and the Spring plate.
new spring 1' white neue Feder
3. Remove the front springs

To uninstall the springs in the front, with the 460 you have to do in additional to the above mentioned items :

Disconnect the brake and locking pipes
Remove the Cardan shaft. The metal braket, that holds the front brake hoses can be adjusted (cut 0,2 inch wide slots from the side) that for the future you can dismount the hose without disconnecting them.

Because of the HiLift and the adapter for the front bumper, the G can be lifted very high . Then use the supporting post and the Frame pipe adapters.
adapter front axle
4. Different springs and data:

There are different springs for the G signed with different color stripes. The number of the stripes ( one to three) means different hard spring. The informations you find here:, written by Gerd. Also from him: Different Springs.

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