Useful advices for Home maintenance for G's old or new ;-)

Last change February, 17. 2010 Copyright Dr. Hans Hehl

Many thanks to Klaus Hold, who translated the most tips

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tools hub drawer nut with four pins Bremsenschlüssel Einspritzdüsen-Stecknuß shorted tools M12 long nut zylinderhead Toolkits for the G:
spare part unknown spare part numbers, online spare part prices of DC and availability
bracket for the inner fender 463 1. Tip: Stainless steel bracket for the inner fender for the G 463
bracket for the inner fender 460 inner fender 1.1 Tip: Inner plastic fender for the 460
conservation conversation 2. Tip: Derust und conserve

2.1 Tip: Conservation of value beim 460 und 463 (G 270 CDI Juli 2002)
fitting advices 3. Tip: Fitting advices for the wheels (all the G's types)
snow chains 4. Tip: snow chains for tires 265/70 R16
Kombi-Instrument 5. Tip: SRS-error G 270CDI / July 2002
New: warranty: change of the speedo instruments

door latch screws 463 6. Tip: door latch screws new and old : 460 and 463:
multimeter 7. Tip: Quiescent current measure: how many needs the G?
12 V-socket 460 12 V-socket 463 8. Tip: 12V-power socket 460er und 463er
Hi-Lift Hi-Lift adapter 9. Tip: Hi-Lift: 460 and the bumper
rear spring spring 10. Tip: Demounting and fitting: coil springs for the G 460
adapter adapter 11. Tip: Adapter for the frame for jacking up the G 460
immersion heater immersion heater 12. Tip: immersion heater for the G 460
Leitungshalter brake pads 13. Tip: 240 GD:

1. front brake
2. rear brake
3. brake pipes
4. disc brake caliper
new glow plug new glow plug 14. Tip: 240 GD:

New glow plug
Motor Motor 15. Tip: 240 GD:

Replace Cylinder head gasket
Geberzylinder clutch 16. Tip: 240 GD:

The clutch: BM 46031017
Raddeckel Felge 17. Tip: 240GD/270CDI/G55AMG:

Center Caps, Rims, Winter- and Summer tires DMZ

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