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special tools

hub drawer hub drawer twisted tool twisted tool nut with 4 pins injector nut M12 nut zylinder head

1. hub drawer for steering link:

For deinstallation of the steering link use the drawer Nr. 779 from Hazet. The design is robust, you can buy the parts seperately. Cost 70 Euro incl. Tax (toolshop).

Be aware. Don't hit the steering link with a hammer in order to get them out. You damage the thread, or damage the steering link. Important : Please use grease before you re-install. If you see corrosion, derust upfront.
hub drawer
2. spezial tools:

A lot of times, I have heard : This screw is not easy to get access to... My solution : bend the tools a little bit, in order to get access to the screw heads. Use a heater to heat up the tool in the bend area. Don't do this without bringing the tool up to temperature. It will break. The tool will be hard enough after the bend. After awhile, you will have all tools together.
twisted toos
3. OEM - TOOLS from DC :

a: tool for the wheel bearing nut 460

For the wheel bearing nut you will need a special tool. This tool has 4 Pins. You can get it directly from DC , because often these tools are better quality and not too expensive. Tool number W 460 589 00 07 00 with the Preis-Online-Auskunft @ DC 28,39 Euro. The tool number you will find in the Handbook.

Klauenschlüssel with wheel nut
b: 27er Nut for injectors 460 (diesel)

For the injectors you can get a tool ( a enlarged 27er Nut) Hazet Nr. 4555N or DC, Nr. W 001 589 65 09 00, Price 16,59 Euro.
Nut for injectors
4. Brake tube tools for 460

For the brake tubes you can get a tool from HAZET or GEDORE. These are better suited than the normal open end wrenches. The big one is for the hexagonal (17er) on the flexible brake hoses, the small one for the Nut of the brake pipes . More information: Basteltipp Nr.13.
Brake tube tools
5. Steckeinsätze für die Bremssattel-Schrauben 460

Für die zwei Schrauben kann man eine 19er Stecknuß kürzen. Gut sind verschiedene Längen. Ebenso ist für die untere Schraube ein Hebelringschlüssel gut, an dem eine Verlängerung angesetzt werden kann.

More information:Basteltipp Nr.14.
Sicherungs- und Passschraube shorted tools
6. M12-Innenvielzahn-Steckeinsatz für die Zylinderkopfschrauben G460

Für die Zylinderkopfschrauben beim 240GD (M12) benötigt man einen langen Innenvielzahn-Steckeinsatz von z.B. Hazet Nr. 990, M12 SLg oder von Mercedes: Nr. W 617589001000 / 15,42 Euro inkl.

More information:Basteltipp Nr.15.
M12 Innenvielzahn/Zylinderkopf
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