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13. Tip: 240 GD: The brakes

1. Front Brakes

For all brake services : Work on the brakes are saftey relevant operations and must be done correct.

special tool Abstandhalter, Blech u. Stift blind plug Entlüfter Bremsen-Entlüftungsgerät Leitungshalter Bremsklotz
For the Brake pipes a special tool is available (Hazet). The big hexagonal tool is for the brake hosts, the small one for the brake pipe nut. Bremsleitungsschlüssel
Get out the sleeve from the brake holder-sheet metal with a pike. Pike dimensions : 100 x,3mm, Handle from round steel 100 x 12mm

The brake cylinder not to return with a screwdriver. Please use a bar made from a round or flat piece of iron. Dimension Round 120 x 230 mm, flat : 100 x 30 x 5 mm

The flat piece has to be between the disk and the cylnder of the brakes and then the handle hasto be turned sideways. With this operation the cylinder will be reseted parallel and will not been blocked.
As a spacer between the two brake hoses, a rubber holder new and bigger is used. Diameter 45 mm, 5mm thick with two holes for the brake hosts. For mounting the brake hoses has to be disconnected on one side. New brackets are not bad all. Also new post (sleeves) for the brakes.

Part numbers:
Spacer A461 428 00 85 2,60 Euro incl. Tax.
Sleeve A000 991 32 60 3,16 Euro incl. Tax
Bracket N07 4225 012600 1,03 Euro incl. Tax.
Abstandhalter, Blech u. Stift
I have used special plugs for not running out of brake fluid during the repair. The connection can be made from old brake pipes/tubes. In the hole a M 5 thread can be inserted. A M 5 Screw will seal.(red blind plug). blind plug
Sometimes new vents have to been used. For bleeding a System has been used : EeziBleed-System for instace M.O.V. GmbH. (45 Euro).

With this system the pumping operation of the brake pedal will not longer exist. The brake fluid will be inserted into a reservoir with two hoses. One will be connected to the Main brake cylinder, the other one to the compressed air connection (max. 1,2 bar). You can also use a bycicle pump.

See also the gtech articles like Hydraulic Systems Fluid Flush from Dave Gomes.
Now the screw for bleeding has to be opened. A transparent plastic tube routes to the a reservoir for the brake fluid. Brakefluid is poision, Are no Air bulbs to see and the color is light, turn off the screw. Entlüfter
I have used a stainless steel sheet metal for the braket of the brake hoses, it is 2mm thick. The slot sideways to the path throughs allow the de-installation of the brake pipes, for instance if you want to change the brake disks. With that the disconnecting of the brake pipes / hoses and the bleeding will be eliminated. Brake disks have to be removed every second year; otherwise they will corrode and you will not be able to replace them Leitungshalter Leitungshalter
240 GD-Brake pads for front are big The coating is 12 mm thick and has a hole for a Limit display that you may can easily reinstall. The new pads have a blue flash on the backside. Top and lower edges (metal) have to displaced with copper grease. Bremsklotz Bremsklotz
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