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1.Tip: Stainless steel metal bracket for the inner fender for the G 463

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metal plate for inner fender metal plate for inner fender screws old and V2A for inner fender tools
In the G-Model 463 the plastic inner fender are screwed through small metal brackets, those tend to rust. bracket for inner fender
It is strongly recommended to replace them with 1 mm V2A metal brackets (V2A is the german trade name for stainless steel). The home made construction is not really difficult, but little tools and a vertical drill machine a required.

Metal plate scrap, you can always find (sometimes for free) from dealers, or metal plate smiths, or bigger Workshops. Basically today everyone works with V2A metal plate. With a lever scissor you have to cut small 40 x 30 mm rectangles (with a good hand metal scissor too n.o.T.) or you can let them cut from the smith of in the workshop as well. You'll need, all together, 16 plates, for each side, 3 pieces front, and 5 back.

Carefully file all the edges with a medium file, or on a band grinder. An original disassembled bracket should be hammered flat, and used as model. (New parts have the MB part No. A4638812014).
bracket for inner fender
With the help of a chisel (centre punch) the 6 mm and the 10 mm holes will be marked, and afterwards drilled. With a metal saw or an electric grinder (Flex) you cut the slot in the plate. Now the plate is ready to be bent. To bend it, I suggest using two square-profiled-metal profiles (iron is enough) in order to get a neat edge. bracket for inner fender bracket for inner fender
Now if you like, (but it is not needed) you can to shorten the loop by the 6 mm hole . In the big hole, the plug must be inserted. Use the old one only when it is still in good condition. For old Gs you should take new one (MB-Nr A4609940145). bracket for inner fender
Better is, to change all metal plate screws of the inner fender and outer fender with screws in V2A at the same time. For many years I have bought the V2A screws from the German company Wegertseder GmbH (good prices and service with small quantity delivery and or assortment.)

You will need the following parts:

Hexagonal metal plate screws Nr. 7976/A2 4.2x25 100 Pieces. 7,77 Euro
Hexagonal metal plate screws Nr. 7976/A2 4.2x32 50 Pieces 4,86 Euro
Washer Nr.9021/A2 5,3/ M5 100 Pieces

In order to assemble the inner fender, I prefered the Phillips screws (+), because they are quicker to screw instead of the hexagonal one. Lens metal plate screws half round head Nr. 7981/A2 4,2x16.
screws for inner fender
For the hexagonal screws for the fender-flares I recommended to buy a ratchet 7-8 in order to unscrew faster the old screws, a normal 7 key is ok but slow. Lens metal plate screws half round head Nr. 7981/A2 4,2x16

The actual prices without VAT for the rust threaded angles don't let you any chance than: do it yourself in V2A!
1 bracket Euro 1,83, 1 plug Euro 0,67: total 2,5 Euro and with VAT Euro 2,90 For me, such a braket took 10 minutes working time (but I have gad good equipment).
You can also try to get the brackets punched by a supplier, but this is rather expensive, and it doesn't make fun at all. I wish you lot of fun!!!

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